28 February 2008


I am working in a little town called Changnyeong (창녕) Changnyeong is a county in south Gyeongsang-nam Province of South Korea. It has a population of around 74,000.
I live in between Daegu and Masan.
My apartment is very cute. It is very Korean and very big. I really like it. It is only 5 minutes walk from the school, which is great! The other teachers live in the same block, which is nice and convenient.
The school I am working at is an English Camp. This type of school provides a short term immersion English experience in an environment where only English is spoken. The school has a variety of simulation rooms, such as a  shop, bank, post office, hospital, movie theatre, and airport. Here the student's learn key English vocabulary relating to the different topics and they also practice fun role plays. Students come to this English Camp for one week. Every week we get a new set of students from a different school. All of the students that attend Changnyeong English Camp are from the surrounding areas. There are 6 lessons a day. The day starts at 9am. Everybody has prep time for half an hour. The students arrived at 9.30. Each lesson is 45 minutes long with a 15 minute break  in.
Movie Theatre
Post Office
Changnyeong English Camp also has a Cyber School. Cyber School is an on line class where students are taught from their home computer. Cyber school is a slightly different set up than English Camp as the teacher teachers the same students for 3 months and they can teach anything they like. Adults can also attend these classes.
I think I will be teaching in Cyber School to begin with. It will be a new experience teaching students via the Internet but hopefully I will get the hang of it.

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