27 November 2008

Promotional Video for my school in Changnyeong!

This is a section of a promotional video about Changnyeong. In this part of the video you will see Changnyeong English Camp and the teachers who work there featuring in it. Including an interview from all of us!!!

25 November 2008

Black Belt!

I am know officially a black belt in Taekwondo! Suzi and I went to Masan stadium and we took part in a official examination. There was over 2000 people attempting to get their black belt. There was students of all ages. From age 6 and upwards! The examination consisted of a variety of tests. First of all Suzi and I had to perform our Poomsae in front of a panel of judges and the any other of the 2000 people who was interested in watching. (I think a foreigner and an mature Korean lady are not the common contestants!) After we preformed our Poomsae Suzi and I had to fight each other. The sparring lasted only a few minutes. It was all very nerve racking but well worth it!!!