25 April 2008

Dog Soup

Bo shin tang is a Korean soup that includes dog meat! When in Rome...

22 April 2008

Festivals, Sight-seeing, Birthdays, Taekwondo and Teaching...

Hello, Just thought I would up date you on how I am doing. I am still having a wonderful time. I have been busy going to more Korean Festivals and exploring as many places as I can.

All the staff at English Camp went to a Cherry Blossom Festival the other weekend. Richard and Suzie hired a bus and we all went to Jinhae. It was an advantage for us that we had Koreans taking us, as we got to do things and see places that we wouldn't off if we went alone! We visited a Navy base where we were able to try on some Navy uniform. A camera crew was there and some of the other English staff were filmed and they appeared on OCN TV last week!
It was my birthday the other week and Richard and Suzie bought me a birthday cake (and a present) and we all had a little mini snack party in school after our classes. They also organized a booking for a restaurant to ensure we got good service, which was nice of them. Then we all went to a Noraebang: Singing Room, which was cool!!!
I have been working down stairs, in English Camp for the pass three weeks. Which has been fantastic! I love it! I am making the most of it as I may be moving back to Cyber School soon. But that is okay, as I like moving around and trying new things.

I am still going to Taekwondo lessons four times a week. I am now a green belt. (belt 3!) 

Richard got a bike for me (for free, which was great) So I have no excuse not to get fit! 
I have also tried the local delicacy, Dog soup, which was interesting! 

I have booked my tickets to go to Japan in May for a long weekend, with some of the others teachers, which is exciting!

That’s all for now!!!