15 March 2008

One month in...

I arrived in South Korea in the early hours of February 12th, so I have been here for around a month now. The teaching is good. I am in Cyber Camp, which isn't as bad as everybody makes out. I am the only foreigner in Cyber Camp for the next three weeks as David (the other Cyber foreign teacher) has gone home.  I still work with two Korean staff, Julie and Mr. Ha. Julie is very chatty, which is good.

My Korean bosses Richard and Suzie are really great. They are always going out of their way to make sure I have what I need.

The other teachers have taken good care of me. They took me to Daegu for my first weekend. I have also been to the surrounding towns such as Yongsan, Masan and Busan. I have also been to a few festivals.
My first one being, The Jeongwol Daeboreum Festival. This took place on the first full moon of the Lunar New Year. (This is when Koreans wish for luck and health for the coming year. This is based on an old belief that the first light of the full moon of the year signifies affluence and good luck.) I had an amazing time at this festival. I attended it with a few other staff and our Taekwondo instructor! The locals where very welcoming!
I have been practicing Taekwondo now for a few weeks. It is pretty intense but I am really enjoying. I will hopefully be moving up a grade and receiving my yellow belt soon!

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