31 May 2008

JAPAN- Fukuoka!!!

I went to Japan, Fukuoka with two people from work. (Laura and Rylan) We went for only a few days but it was well worth it! We took a ferry from Busan, it took just over two hours to get there. This journey would of been a difficult journey on the best of days as I get travel sick. Especially when on bumpy boats. This journey was incredibly painful as we all had horrible hangovers from the night before. For some reason we thought it would be a good idea to get very drunk in Busan! We all slept in on Saturday morning and we had to run as fast as possible to the port to ensure we were able to check in. We just about made it. I didn't even get time to brush my teeth.Well that didn't matter in the end as I was sick so much!

By the time we arrived in Fukuoka, adrenaline kicked in and we were all very excited and ready to explore  Japan. I expected Japan to have many similarities to Korea but overall it was completely different, unique in its own way. 

I had sooooo much fun visiting Fukuoka! I really want to visit other parts of Japan. It is like a completely different world!

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