23 June 2008

June (4 months already)

I think you are due an update! Lets see… well all in all I am really happy here at the moment. I am working in English Camp again. I did get moved back to Cyber Camp as a few teachers left abruptly so the staff got moved around again. All is okay now as I got moved back last week. YIPPEEEEEE
I have booked my flights to go to Thailand in July for 2 weeks. I can't wait! I am going by myself which is very daunting but I can't let that stop me from exploring. I did come to Korea by myself after all!

All of the teachers went to Seoul a few weeks ago for Laura's birthday. It was great as it was my first time visiting Seoul.
I am going to Boryeong Mud festival in 2 weeks, it is on Daecheon Beach and by the sounds of it you just drink all day and cover your self in MUD! 

I went to visit Dave Moxon in Daegu at the weekend. (He is a friend I know from University. He started working in Daegu in May.) It was great. I definitely have an advantage knowing somebody close by, as he has introduced me to a lot more people and invited me to some fun days out! (I am helping him out as well!)

I am now a blue belt in Teakwondo (Belt 4) The next belt is brown then red then BLACK!!! We have started to fight in our lessons now. I have been paired up with my boss Suzie, as we are the same height. This is a bit strange….fighting my boss! She really goes for it and kicks REALLY hard. I always let her win though!

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