10 August 2008


*I didn't keep a diary when I was in Thailand so I will just have do my best and try and remember….

I arrived in Thailand safe and sound. My flight went by really fast. I arrived on Ko Samui Island on Saturday morning. My hotel was really nice. I spent my first day on Chawng beach. In the evening I got a boat to Ko Pan Ngan for the full moon party. I met some people from my hotel who where going to the party. We all got a mini bus to the port together.  The party itself was really good. I met some more people that evening. They were from Canada. They are teaching in Thailand. They were interested to know about teaching in Korea but I think they have a better deal! Later that evening, well early hour of the morning, I went back to Ko Samui. I spent the next couple of days here before moving back to Koh Pan Nyang. When on Ko Samui I also went jet skiing canoeing in the sea. 
My next destination was Koh Pan Nyang Island. Here I went on an over night trip. It was really good but there were a lot of bugs! I really liked the elephant trekking. I met a girl  from Denmark. She was travelling on her own too. We decided to move to our next destination together. This was nice as the journey was pretty long so it was good to do it with somebody else. 
On the 27th July I travelled down to Phuket on the night boat and bus. Overall the journey took 15 hours but it was fine because we travelled through the night so it went really fast! When In Phuket I said goodbye to the girl from Denmark as we wanted to explore different areas. That night I stayed at a REALLY fancy hotel and there was a bath next to my bed...very cool! I stayed there for 2 nights. I met a couple from London. They were travelling around Thailand for 3 weeks. It was nice to exchange stories.
My next location was Phi Phi island. I was having loads of fun BUT THEN I got bitten by a monkey!!!!! YES THAT IS RIGHT, A beach monkey. I had to go to the hospital and had a rabies jab. I have to have one every 3 days for a week! I got bitten on my leg and butt!
My next and final destination was Bangkok. I decided to get a plane rather than the night train, just to save time. It was a little more money but I think it was worth it to get an extra day in Bangkok. In Bangkok I went on a lot of day trips and I met a lot of people. I went to Tiger temple and got my picture taken with a cute tiger cub. It was good but it was also raining so it was a bit disappointing. I also went to the floating market, which I loved!
I loved every minute of my solo adventure. It was a little strange being by my self.  Although, I did always find people to talk too, it was sometimes hard work.

Hmmmm where to next....?

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